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9 thoughts on “Preparing leaves

  1. susan deeth says:

    This makes so much sense when you explain it! I have been getting bleeding in my experimental prints but I was using fresh leaves.I was wondering what on earth I was doing to cause this. Thank you!!!! Can’t wait to do the rest of the course with you. Just a wee excited!

  2. mieke says:

    Hai Louise..
    this morning i opened my bucket of water fill in with leaves.. and changed the water. but i noticed that the leaves are so soft, and i couldn’t even hold on to it.. it breaks.. any advice?

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      Louise Upshall says:

      How long have you been soaking the leaves for? And what sort are they? Usually when leaves are breaking apart they have soaked for too long- for some species this can even be after a few days like with herb robert, while other leaves can be soaked for a month or more, no problem.

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      Louise Upshall says:

      It’s more to do with the leaf type than the amount of water. You probably have quite different rose varieties growing up there. I’d suggest trying to eco-print with them fresh and seeing how they come out. I’m looking forward to seeing your results with the teak leaves

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