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  • Gum Leaf Alchemy

    This ebook provides detailed instructions about how to eco-print on cotton and other plant fibres using eucalyptus leaves. The technique can also be used with a range of other…

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  • Soy Milk Binder

    This ebook is a practical, comprehensive guide to eco-printing and natural dyeing on any plant based fabric prepared with soy milk binder. Learn each step of the process, including:…

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  • Plant Poetry

    Are you interested in exploring natural plant dyes and the eco-print technique on paper? Whether you are a complete beginner, or already familiar with eco-printing on fabric, this ebook…

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  • The Leaf Guide

    This ebook covers 25 plants which eco-print well on cotton. There is information about identifying and preparing each plant, with photographs of the leaves themselves and the types of prints…

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  • Eco-printing and Dyeing Ebook Bundle

    Get all four of my ebooks for a comprehensive introduction to eco-printing. The bundle includes: Gum Leaf Alchemy: Eco-printing on cotton Plant Poetry: Eco-printing on paper The Leaf Guide:…

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  • Alquimia del eucalipto

    Este ebook proporciona instrucciones detalladas sobre cómo hacer estampados ecoprint con hojas de eucalipto en algodón y otras fibras vegetales. También se puede emplear la misma técnica con otros…

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  • Craft Business Success

    Are you thinking about or getting started with running a creative online business? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different places to market and sell your work and…

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