Eco-printing ecourses and ebooks by Louise Upshall

Welcome. I’m Louise, an artist and eco-printer living in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

I love teaching my methods of eco-printing, to help you get bright, clear prints more easily and joyfully.

I run workshops, teach online and I’m the author of several eco-printing ebooks about cotton, paper and leaves.

Through my ebooks and ecourses, you can learn to create your own wardrobe of living colour, using the natural dyes in plants.

My most popular ecourse is the Iso Dye club

Over 600 of us have gathered so far, to experiment and connect. Originally created during the 2020 lockdowns, this course is a gentle introduction to natural dyeing and eco-printing practises, for cotton and paper. The focus is on making do with what we have. Simple methods and simple materials. Finding joy in the process and in unexpected results.

If you are looking to dive deeper, you might enjoy the ecourse bundle

This combines four of my courses about eco-printing on wool and cotton clothing, with iron mordant and soy milk binder. 

“Louise’s course was my introduction to eco-printing and I’m so glad I did it! She carefully and clearly explained everything from the beginning and was hugely generous with her time and knowledge in answering questions and providing feedback. A whole range of basic skills and approaches were covered, and she’s given me the perfect springboard to carry on my eco-printing journey. Thanks so much Louise!”

– Kat Szabo

“Very well structured eco dyeing course. Excellent videos that clearly demonstrate techniques and processes. I particularly found the tips about folding differently shaped garments useful. Louise is a generous, responsive and encouraging instructor. The course is very good value and provides virtually endless learning experiences and the chance to experiment and get feedback and comments from others doing it.”

– Kathy Little

Do you prefer learning through reading? Check out my eco-printing ebooks

I have also written 4 ebooks about eco-printing on paper and cotton. Perfect for beginners or for anyone who learns best from reading. Buy an individual ebook, or get all four in the ebook bundle.

Kind words about my ebooks:

I hope you will be able to join our lovely community of eco-printers. I’d be delighted to help you to connect with plants and create beautiful, naturally dyed fabric and paper. And if you have any questions, please click here to contact me.

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