Eco-printing ecourses by Louise Upshall

Eco-print artist Louise Upshall, wearing an eco-printed dress and shawl, standing in a eucalyptus and tea tree forest

Welcome. I’m Louise, an artist and eco-printer living in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

I love teaching my methods of eco-printing, to help you get bright, clear prints more easily and joyfully.

I run workshops, teach online and I’m the author of several eco-printing ebooks about cotton, paper and leaves.

Through my ecourses, you can learn to create your own wardrobe of living colour, using the natural dyes in plants.

Eco-printing ecourses

My full ecourse, Living Colour, is a comprehensive guide to eco-printing on cotton and other fibres. It covers a range of mordants and binders, leaves and natural dyes. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to go a bit deeper with their eco-printing practise.

Or if you just want to do some of the ecourse, I am also releasing smaller modules that cover a particular topic. The Soy Milk Binder Module is open for enrolments now, with more modules to come.

“Louise’s course was my introduction to eco-printing and I’m so glad I did it! She carefully and clearly explained everything from the beginning and was hugely generous with her time and knowledge in answering questions and providing feedback. A whole range of basic skills and approaches were covered, and she’s given me the perfect springboard to carry on my eco-printing journey. Thanks so much Louise!”

– Kat Szabo

“Very well structured eco dyeing course. Excellent videos that clearly demonstrate techniques and processes. I particularly found the tips about folding differently shaped garments useful. Louise is a generous, responsive and encouraging instructor. The course is very good value and provides virtually endless learning experiences and the chance to experiment and get feedback and comments from others doing it.”

– Kathy Little

Each ecourse includes:

  • Video lessons showing each step
  • Written notes and photos
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Email support
  • Lifetime access
A hand lifting leaves off a cotton top to reveal the eco-prints underneath