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  • Darn It

    Learn how to mend small holes in your clothes with this darning ecourse. Darning is a traditional mending technique that uses a needle and yarn to fill in holes….

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  • Iso Dye Club 2

    In round 2 of the Iso Dye Club, you will sew and dye a clothing collection. The focus is on simplicity – working with simple shapes to design and…

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  • Leaf and String

    Advanced eco-printing and shibori combinations In Leaf and String, we combine eco-printing with traditional and experimental shibori techniques, to create complex patterns on clothing and fabric. This course is…

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  • Iso Dye Club

    This course is a gentle introduction to natural dyeing and eco-printing practises, for cotton and paper. The focus is on making do with what we have. Simple methods and…

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  • Intro to Cotton

    This module of Living Colour introduces you to eco-printing on cotton and other plant-based fibres. It’s suitable for complete beginners, or for anyone who struggles to get good results…

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  • Advanced Cotton

    This mini ecourse is for those of you who have read my ebook, Gum Leaf Alchemy, or taken the Intro to Cotton ecourse, and want some more ideas. We’ll…

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  • Soy Milk Binder

    This module of Living Colour guides you through different methods of eco-printing on fabric prepared with a soy milk binder. If you want to get brighter, longer lasting eco-prints…

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  • Wool and Shibori

    This module of Living Colour guides you through different methods of combining eco-print and shibori methods on wool. Shibori is a Japanese method of folding or tying fabric, then…

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  • Living Colour ecourse bundle

    Buy all four Living Colour ecourses in this bundle. In them, you’ll find all of the tricks and knowledge about eco-printing¬† that I have spent 7 years developing, through…

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