Wool and Shibori


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This module of Living Colour guides you through different methods of combining eco-print and shibori methods on wool. Shibori is a Japanese method of folding or tying fabric, then immersing it in a dyebath to create patterns. When we combine this with eco-printing, we can design fabric that has clear leaf prints surrounded by solid shapes or borders of natural dye.

You will learn about:

  • Choosing and preparing wool (and silk if desired)
  • Which leaves to eco-print with
  • Different shibori folding methods
  • How to use shapes to create relief patterns
  • Cooking bundles in a dyebath

Every week I demonstrate a specific technique in one or two video lessons. There are also written notes and photos to supplement your learning.

This course is offered with variable pricing levels – read more here, then choose a price with your heart, based on your circumstances and the value of the course to you.

Is this for beginners or experienced eco-printers?

This course is suitable for eco-printing beginners as I will cover the basics. But it is also perfect for anyone who wants to learn my methods of combining shibori and eco-print techniques.

Will I have access to the course materials beyond the 5 weeks?

Yes, you will have ongoing access to all the lessons and videos for as long as the course exists. So if you want to come back to it later, no worries!

Please note that all prices are in Australian Dollars. If you live outside Australia, head here to convert them into your currency before you decide which level to go with.


Pricing Levels

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Tree: Trees give us so much – clean air, shade, beauty. Thanks for giving generously and joining at the Tree Level. This is my usual price for a course of this length.

Forest: A forest is a living, interconnected organism. If you are able to join at the Forest Level, you’ll be supporting this whole community to flourish.




  • Welcome
  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Course overview

Week 1: Preparation

  • Choosing and preparing wool
  • Eco-printing supplies
  • Creating an iron mordant

Week 2: Square bundles

  • Project 1: A simple square bundle
  • Choosing leaves
  • Making dyebaths
  • Project 2: Shibori wool clothing

Week 3: Triangular bundles

  • Project 3: A simple triangle bundle
  • Project 4: Triangular clothing bundle

Week 4: Using resist shapes

  • Project 5: Making wide borders
  • Project 6: Getting abstract
  • Playing with variables


  • Troubleshooting wool
  • Aftercare instructions