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15 thoughts on “Making mordants

  1. mieke says:

    Hai Louise.. i still can’t get the video to play. i tried chrome & safari in my apple, and tried firefox in window based laptop. is there any other way to see your video? thank you..

  2. mieke says:

    we are not comfortable of connecting to vpn, as alot of rumors on hackers getting into our system for our bank information if we connect to vpn. i don’t know whether is true or not but we are avoiding it. sorry for the trouble, Louise..

    1. Admin bar avatar
      Louise Upshall says:

      No problem at all, I just thought I would check. I’m so sorry about this issue! I didn’t realise before today that Vimeo was blocked in some countries. Again, I am working on a solution, thanks for your patience.

  3. brendacarson says:

    Finally getting back to your course and starting my iron mordant. I put some rusty items in a jar in vinegar. The next day most of the rust has come off of the items (nails, piece of metal). Should I remove the original items from the jar and let the vinegar work on the rusty bits?

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