Advanced Cotton


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This mini ecourse is for those of you who have read my ebook, Gum Leaf Alchemy, or taken the Intro to Cotton ecourse, and want some more ideas. We’ll be exploring different methods of folding bundles, cooking in dye baths to create shibori-style patches and relief lines, and combining eco-printing and rust dyeing.

It’s short and sweet, with just 3 lessons to give you an inspiration boost.

You can join this course at any time, and you will have ongoing access to all course materials so you can work through it at your own pace.

This course is offered with variable pricing levels – read more here, then choose a price with your heart, based on your circumstances and the value of the course to you.

Please note that all prices are in Australian Dollars. If you live outside Australia, head here to convert them into your currency before you decide which level to go with.


Pricing Levels

Seed: If you are full of potential like a seed, but needing lots of support right now, join at the Seed Level and let this community nourish you.

Tree: Trees give us so much – clean air, shade, beauty. Thanks for giving generously and joining at the Tree Level. This is my usual price for a course of this length.

Forest: A forest is a living, interconnected organism. If you are able to join at the Forest Level, you’ll be supporting this whole community to flourish.



  • Folded t-shirt with shibori patches
  • Alternative folding methods
  • Steel can rolled bundles