I’m Louise, the eco-printer and teacher behind Gumnut Magic. I’ve been eco-printing for about 7 years and have created and refined my own method for eco-printing on cotton. I’m the author of several eco-printing ebooks about cotton, paper and leaves. In the past few years I have also begun teaching my methods and have found such joy in this. But because I have no plans to travel internationally anytime soon, I decided to create this online learning platform.

Eco-printing is a practice that has given me so much.

A way to connect with the land around me.

A way to be creative that is earth-friendly and sustainable.

And the deep bliss and magic of unwrapping each fabric bundle to reveal the colours and textures left by those particular leaves.

I am delighted to be sharing this magic with you through the journey of Living Colour. May your bundles be beautiful and your heart nourished.

On maternity leave

My ebooks and ecourses are still available to purchase, but please understand that it will take me longer than usual to reply to emails and ecourse comments.