This course is a gentle introduction to natural dyeing and eco-printing practises, for cotton and paper. The focus is on making do with what we have. Simple methods and simple materials. Finding joy in the process and in unexpected results.

It’s also a chance to slow down, to connect with plants and with fellow artists/makers in isolation. Creativity and nature ground me, especially in uncertain and changing times. I look forward to sharing this with you too.

This is a bit different from my other courses, because I wanted to offer something more affordable, and more accessible to those of you who can’t access fancy materials or lots of plants at this time.

The ‘live’ course has finished, but you can still enroll and work through it at your own pace. You’ll have access to all the course materials for as long as the course exists.


Choose an amount that feels good to give. I can’t tell you what that number will be for you, because we all have different circumstances. I want to make this available to as many people as possible, so there are a wide range of price options. If you can only afford the lowest levels, you are still very welcome. If you can afford the highest levels, you are supporting other people to access this course through your generosity. We need to be looking after each other now more than ever.

This time we are living in is asking us to reevaluate so much. Perhaps we need to let go of the idea that people with lots of money deserve more, and people with less money deserve less. No matter what level you can afford, you will get access to all the same course materials. There is enough for everyone, and I trust that you can support or be supported, as you need.

When you decide on a price level that feels fair based on your circumstances and what I am offering, you’ll know. It will feel right in your heart.

Please note that the prices are in Australian Dollars. If you live outside Australia, head here to convert them into your currency before you decide which level to go with

It is set up as a four week course, with 2 lessons per week. There is also a bonus lesson at both the beginning and the end of the course. You’ll have ongoing access to the course, so you can work through it at your own pace.

Do you have some onion skins and tea leaves? Paper and old cotton sheets? Perhaps some dried flower bouquets, or a few weeds, or an evergreen branch snaffled on a quick walk? That will be enough. If you have access to a garden or local nature spot, you can use plants from there too which will be fantastic, but it’s not necessary.

Although this course isn’t made for children, many of the activities would be suitable to do with them. With younger children, I would advise against using the iron mordant or rust as you don’t want them touching or accidentally ingesting this.

Course curriculum

There are 2 video lessons each week, plus notes and photos, covering both paper and fabric projects. There is also a bonus lesson about naturally dyeing eggs.

Week 1: Rolled bundles

Week 2: Simple home mordants and binders

Week 3: Folded bundles

Week 4: Fun things to do with pale results

From the participants:

Thank you again for running this wonderful course and sharing your vast knowledge. The course design is so well done and easy to follow. You are a gifted artist and teacher.

– Lesa Osborn

I am so looking forward to going on this gentle, nourishing eco-printing journey with you. Let’s use this time to learn, play and make some beautiful things together.