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This module of Living Colour guides you through different methods of combining eco-print and shibori methods on wool. Shibori is a Japanese method of folding or tying fabric, then immersing it in a dyebath to create patterns. When we combine this with eco-printing, we can design fabric that has clear leaf prints surrounded by solid shapes or borders of natural dye.

You will learn about:

  • Choosing and preparing wool (and silk if desired)
  • Which leaves to eco-print with
  • Different shibori folding methods
  • How to use shapes to create relief patterns
  • Cooking bundles in a dyebath

Every week I demonstrate a specific technique in one or two video lessons. There are also written notes and photos to supplement your learning.

Is this for beginners or experienced eco-printers?

This course is suitable for eco-printing beginners as I will cover the basics. But it is also perfect for anyone who wants to learn my methods of combining shibori and eco-print techniques.

Will I have access to the course materials beyond the 5 weeks?

Yes, you will have ongoing access to all the lessons and videos for as long as the course exists. So if you want to come back to it later, no worries!

Are these lessons different to the Living Colour course?

No, this module is taken from the larger Living Colour ecourse. Do this module if you are just interested in wool and shibori. If you want to learn all the techniques, it is better value to enrol in the Living Colour ecourse bundle.

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Admin bar avatar Louise Upshall

Hi, I am the artist and maker behind Gumnut Magic. I love sharing my techniques and tips for getting beautiful, clear eco-prints on cotton, wool and paper. Eco-printing is a practise that has given me so much: A way to connect with the land around me. A way to be creative that is earth-friendly and sustainable. And the deep bliss and magic of unwrapping each fabric bundle to reveal the colours and textures left by those particular leaves. I love introducing people to this magic through my ebooks and ecourses.